How to plant Bon Bons = FAQs and Wholesale Inquiries

How to plant Bon Bons = FAQs and Wholesale Inquiries
"This candy is for planting, not for eating!"

This page provides answers to common Garden Bon Bon questions.

For retailers interested in carrying Garden Bon Bons or requests for custom orders, - yes, we do wholesale and thrive on custom. Please email for further information.

PLANTING FAQs AND USEFUL INFORMATION: Q: I've just received a box of Bon Bons. Do I need to plant them right away?

A: Good question. No, you do not need to plant them right away - they store like any other seed. Keep them somewhere cool and dry and bring them out when you are ready. Ideally it will be within the next few months but they can be kept for a couple of years. Germination rates do go down over time, however, just like with any other seed.

Q: I buried the Garden Bon Bon when I planted it and now I don't see anything growing.

A: Garden Bon Bons should not be buried - it's like adding an extra layer of dark to the germination process. The clay and compost provide everything the bon bon needs to grow - except water and sunshine. For some reason people want to bury them but then you land up with a buried seed bank. The correct method is to drop a bon bon on top of some soil, press in a bit so it doesn't roll away - if that's a concern - and water.

Q: How much water does the Garden Bon Bon need?

A: Water the bon bon and soil just as you would regular seed - enough to wet the bon bon and soil around the bon bon. Its not necessary to melt the bon bon in one watering. It will melt over time but the idea is to moisten the clay so the seeds wake up. In about a week or two it may not look like anything is happening yet but if you try to pull the bon bon up off the soil you'll see some white roots growing down and possibly latching onto the soil. They are germinating just like they do when you plant a regular seed.

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