Welcome to Moulton!

Welcome to Moulton!

For Spring 2014 we are introducing Birds & Butterflies Garden Bon Bons, living bouquets of flowering plants that will attract biodiversity to the garden.

To the right you will see the class portrait of our first batch of Blessing Voodoo Doll Sachets - fragrant gifts filled with positive intent. They make terrific gifts and drawer sachets.

Our newest selection is now available online. Grilling Herbs Garden Bon Bons are a set of cilantro, cumin, chives and oregano, perfect for barbecue host gifts and thank yous for cottage weekends.

Shipping remains $5 flat rate per order via USPS Priority shipping. As always, if your order is a gift please include a note in the comments section and we'll pop it in the package before shipping.

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